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Top 5 Canadian Job sites For Foreigners

You can get jobs from these top Canadian sites and portals easily, especially if you meet their requirements. Using any or all of these Canadian Job portals will sure get you your dream job, this depends on whether you’re qualified or not. If you’re qualified you’re sure to get.

What are the qualifications you need? Answering this question depends on a lot of factors, chiefly depends on the type of job you’re looking for. You see there are 3 main categories of jobs available for foreigners, people who are not Canadian citizens yet. The 3 categories of jobs are

  • Professional jobs
  • Skilled jobs
  • And unskilled jobs

Professional Jobs: There are jobs that are professional jobs, these jobs require a university degree at the minimum, and these high sort after jobs with high pay, some job listings will require you to get something like a second degree, like a master’s or Ph.D. Most jobs that require this qualification come with a high salary, usually in the thousands of dollars range per month. Examples of professional jobs are Accountants, engineers, medical doctors, nurses, etc. Some jobs require internationally recognized certifications like Cisco or Comp ++ for the I.T industry.

Top Canadian Job sites For Foreigners
Top Canadian Job sites For Foreigners

You also have to bear in mind, that not all degrees can be used to apply for jobs, for example, if you are from Africa or Middle East Asian countries you need additional intonational recognized certification in your area of specialization in other to be employed.

Skilled jobs: Skilled jobs are jobs you learn and can do, these jobs unlike professional jobs do not require a university degree, a diploma is okay, as empathizes is on what you can do, not the certificate you have. In this case, what you can do is the basis of your employment.

When it comes to skilled jobs, you have to be up to date, with the latest development in your industry, are you a barber or a hairstylist? Do you know the latest haircut? Can you make the latest hairstyle, if the country you learned your skill is not Canada you still have to study the style that Canadian love because that’s what you’ll be giving them?

For clarity, examples of Skilled jobs are Computer or Phone technician, Barber, Tailor, Mason, Driver, etc.

But if you are applying for jobs from countries other than Canadian you’ll be required to give evidence that you can do what you said you can like if a company needs a drunk driver you’ll require to submit evidence of training.

Unskilled jobs: These jobs that you can do even without university degrees, or undergoing any formal training, these jobs are usually low, even the earnings on this type of job are still low.

Examples of such unskilled jobs are

  • House help
  • Cleaners
  • Gate person. Do you get the idea?
  • These jobs are not usually sorted after, this openings are not many. Very few.

About these job sites

When it comes to these Canadian job sites and portals, what you’ll observe is most jobs are professional jobs, only a handful are skilled, then unskilled is pretty difficult to find.

So depending on the one you want you have to dig deeper if you need any of the ones that can not be easily seen, or that are not available.

1. https://laimoon.com/
A top wen portal with fresh job listings, this site is specially tailored to foreigners. You can find all types of jobs using this website.

2. Ca.indead.com
Canadian topmost job website Indeed is not just for Canada alone, it caters to various countries too. Jobs can be easily gotten here. You can filter anyone you need according to what you’re looking for.

3. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/jobs/opportunities.html

This site is perhaps the official authority on things jobs and working in Canada, here is a place you’re likely to get skilled and unskilled jobs easily. Job offers are categorized here, you have government jobs, private company jobs, individual jobs, small firm or start-up jobs, and even household jobs. You can also get valuable information on how to migrate to Canada here.

4. https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/home

Another Canadian-based job site for foreigners, this one works like indeed, it’s purely for job listings, which you can look at if you like it and you meet the requirements you can apply easily.

5. https://jobsincanada.com/
Upon entering this website the first thing you gonna see is how the search bar or a field asking you what type of job you’re looking for? You can decide to search for the job using the keywords or scroll down and visit the job listing section.

There is another Canadian job website, but then these top 5 Canadian job website caters mainly to foreigners. To increase the success of getting a job in Canada, always pay attention to the little details in most of these job listings. It can go a long way in helping you get jobs.

If your degree is not from an internationally recognized university, you can still get a job in Canada by first upgrading your degree, even without visiting Canada or any other country you can earn a degree from universities in Canada or America online, just check out this list of top cheap courses on nursing you can study online, in foreign university.

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