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Minimum and Maximum cost of building a house in the philippines

Minimum Cost of Building a house in the Philippines in 2023

When it comes to building a house in the Philippines, you can do it in any part of the country, if you’re looking to build a house in the Philippines here are some of the things you should take note of. There are about 17 regions on in the country, each region has provinces under it. These 17 regions all have an ideal part where you can buy land to start up your building project, you have to, of course, fulfill all government-related approval processes, including paying for all necessarily required building payments.

In other to know the right cost of building a house in the country, you’ll have to take into consideration of so many things such as;

Cost of building a House in the Philippines

Cost of buying land in the Philippines

This is important because the cost of buying a lot in the Philippines varies, there are lands you get with 2,000000 or a little bit less, while a lot can go as high as 12 million in some cities, for example in the Municipality of Tanay, in the province of Rizal, cost of building and buying of land can be higher than in Alabang, La Trinidad, which is a place far from cities.

How lands are measured in the Philippines

In some countries, lands are just measured by plots, but in the Philippines, lands are measured in square meters, a typical one plot of land is 100 square meters 100 sq.m lot at Php 18,000/sqm: Php 1,800,000. Depending on the type of house you want to build a minimum of one lot of standard land is enough for you to do what you want to do.

Before buying land and starting your building project you have to fulfill some official requirements, like

Get your land surveyed and registered by the government agency in charge of the land, in the province.

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  • Get a building permit
  • Get a building plan

Getting land surveyed and registered in the Philippines

What you’ll need

  • Tax identification numbers both for the seller and buyer
  • Notarized deed of sale
  • CTC of recent tax declaration
  • Original Certificate of title
  • Original certificate of ‘with improvement

Once you have this procedure to the land registry office. And get the following documents

  • Certificate authorizing registration
  • Original copy of the deed of absolute sale (with BIR stamp)
  • Original copies of BIR return forms (with stamp). Then submit it to Municipal Assessor’s Office. You’ll have to pay 25% of the amount you bought the land.

That is for lands, if you want to start a building you have to apply for a building permit.

Cost of building permit in the Philippines

The cost of building permits in the Philippines is not much compared to other countries. The amount you pay before you can get permission to build your house in the Philippines depends on a lot of factors. The type and size of the house you want to erect, then the region or city where you are building your house. Each region has its own laws and laid-down procedures on how to get a building permit to build your dream house. If you’re from the Philippines but living outside the country, you have to tell a relative or a friend to help you out on this, as it can’t be done without physically being present.

Estimate the cost of building a house in the Philippines

Before we go into the cost proper, let’s check the type of buildings or types of houses that are popular in the Philippines.

1. Terraced houses and average
2. Standard homes with one to two bedrooms
3. Detached houses

Those are basically the 3 the types of houses you can build in the Philippines, these types of houses are standard in the Philippines. And they defer in cost. For example, you may spend Php 180,000 to Php 2500000 to build a terraced house and maybe a standard two-bedroom apartment complete with a kitchen and balcony. But the same money won’t be enough to build a detached house.

Estimate Construction cost per square meter Philippines 2023

The Philippines is one of the most dynamic countries in the world when it comes to construction. Over the past few years, the country has seen a surge in construction activity and investment. With this in mind, it is important to understand the estimated construction cost per square meter in the Philippines in 2023.

The construction cost per square meter in the Philippines can vary widely depending on various factors such as location, materials, labor costs, and the complexity of the project. However, as a rough estimate, the construction cost per square meter in the Philippines in 2023 could range from around PHP 20,000 to PHP 35,000 or more for high-end projects.

It’s important to note that these estimates are based on the assumption that the project is a new construction, and not a renovation or refurbishment project. Additionally, these estimates are subject to change based on various factors such as inflation, changes in material and labor costs, and market demand.

It’s recommended to consult with a local contractor or architect who can provide a more accurate estimate based on the specific details of the project.

Cost of building apartments in the Philippines

1. Terraced apartment- You have to budget a minimum of Php 300000 ($6k) or a Maximum of Php 350000 ($6.5k) cast can also go as high as 851886 ($15k) Philippine pesos.
Terraced houses are a type of housing that was popular in the 19th century and early 20th century. They were first popularized in England and then spread to other countries.

Terraced houses in the Philippines

The word terrace comes from the Latin word “terras” which means earth, ground, or land.

A terraced house is a row of homes that are built on a slope with the lower levels being closer to the ground than the upper levels. The houses are usually built side by side, with small gaps between them so that people can walk through them without going up or down stairs.

Terraced houses were originally designed for working-class people as they offer affordable housing and have more living space per square foot than any other type of house at that time.

2. Standard homes one to two bedroom apartments (Bungalow) – Minimum of Php 400000 ($7k) to Php 550000 ($8.5k)
The standard homes are one to two-bedroom apartments and they are designed to be affordable. They may not have all the amenities of larger units, but they are still a good option for people who need a place to live.

Minimum and Maximum cost of building a house in the philippines
Standard homes are one to two-bedroom apartments (Bungalows)

This is a very popular option for people who don’t have much money and need a place to live.

A lot of people are looking for standard homes because they want something that is affordable but still has some of the amenities that larger units might have.

3. Detached houses- Minimum of Php 63,9000 ($11k) and Php 73,1500 ($12k) per square meter. Detached houses are typically the most expensive type of housing in any given area. They also offer more space and privacy than any other housing type.

Minimum and Maximum cost of building a house in the philippines
Semi-Detached houses in the Philippines

The size of detached houses varies depending on the location and the type of property. In most cases, detached houses are built with a large garden in front or at the back. The main type of housing in the Philippines, Detached houses are typically built as four or five-story buildings with small yards in front of the property. The building may be brick or a combination of brick and concrete and is usually divided into individual apartments, some with their own outdoor spaces. Some homes in Ireland might be owned by the state, but they are typically the property of the owner.

These values are inclusive of the expenses for mechanical, wiring, electrical, and plumbing services. They include cement cost, building materials like wood, roofing sheets, etc.

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