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How to Easily Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

If you’re from Nigeria and you’re looking for a Job in Canada here are the procedures to follow, just pay attention to this article, you’ll learn how you can get a job in Canada as a Nigerian living in any country abroad or as a Nigerian living In Nigeria. A step-by-step guide includes all the information you need.

There are two things you need to understand

  1. A Nigerian living Abroad and
  2. A Nigerian living in Nigeria

1. A Nigerian living abroad

Depending on the country you’re staying in you can get jobs easily too. Let’s say you are staying in North American countries like the USA or South American countries like Brazil or Argentina those countries are easy to switch to and get jobs in Canada as Canada is closer to them. The SA shares a border with Canada so you can actually see how close both countries are.

If you’re a Nigerian living in Uk, Germany, or any other European country, it is still easy too.

But if you’re a Nigerian living in countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, or any African and middle East country like Afghanistan, it becomes a bit challenging as you have to put in twice the amount of effort to get a Visa and move to Canada in other to work. But it can be done.

How to get Canadian Jobs as a Nigerian living abroad

First of all, you have to identify what type of job you’re looking for, is it professional jobs or skilled and unskilled jobs?

Professional jobs are jobs that can only be studied in a higher institution of learning like the university and others, these jobs are usually gotten with a university degree or professional certification, examples of such jobs are nurses, doctors, radiographers, Engineering, etc.

Then skilled jobs are jobs that you may not require any university degree to work, such jobs are usually at vocational centers and skill acquisition centers, examples of such jobs are Carpenters, Fashion and designers, Barber, computer or phone technicians, Mason’s, etc.

Unskilled jobs are jobs you don’t even need to learn any skill, whatever you need to you’ll be taught on the job, such jobs are messengers, house help, and general assistant.

Coming to professional jobs, your university degree should come from acceptable universities in the world, as a Nigerian living abroad you should school in the country you’re currently residing, if you have a cert from the USA, Brazil, UK, and major top European countries applying and getting job offers from Canada becomes easy. But if you have a certificate from any country in Africa; Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Egypt, etc you have to take a professional exam, for example, the Cisco certification exam if you studied computer science or the one for nursing. TOEFL too if you’re not from an English-speaking country.

Which professional jobs are in demand in Canada?

The jobs are that in hot demand in Canada right now are

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Radiography
  • I.T (includes programmers, system engineers, etc)
  • Other specific health professions like a med lab,

You can’t go wrong if you are a qualified registered nurse, you’ll have lots of jobs offers to choose from. The same thing goes if you’re a doctor too, then if you’re a skilled talented programmer with knowledge of JAVA, JavaScript, Python, and PHP your services are required too.

Which skilled jobs are in demand in Canada?

  • Barber – You can get employment in a big Barbershop until you save and start up your own shop.
  • Mason – Houses and lots of construction going on every day, if you can take a 3 months vocational course on this upon arrival in Canada you can get a job in a big construction company.
    Technician – Can you repair phones, laptops, network computers, and printers? Yes, this job you can get.
  • Driver – This one is hot, it should be number one but trust me this one is hot and in demand in Canada if you can drive heavy-duty vehicles like MAC trucks and others you’ll be paid handsomely.

For the proper general step-by-step guide on how to use what you get to get a job continue reading, but first let’s look at other categories of Nigerians, the ones finding a job as Nigerian living in Nigeria.

How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

A lady searching for jobs online, on the Canadian job portal

Which unskilled jobs are in demand in Canada?

Unskilled jobs are jobs anybody can do even without formal education, most of these jobs come naturally to you as an individual from Nigeria. Something like a messenger, delivery guy, you basically have to be at the Beck and call your boss in your workplace. These sorts of jobs come with humility and patience, you have to be patient and you have to be humble, very humble. You can even get a job in a restaurant where you must do the dishes. Every day for the whole 31 days in a month. You have to do it as it’s important. That’s your job without which you won’t get paid. But one good thing about Canada is you can be doing these odd jobs and still be schooling, you just have to choose a cheap school to enroll in. Or you can school online.

2. How to get Canadian Jobs as a Nigerian living in Nigeria

This is the reality for job seekers, you’re living and perhaps schooled in Nigeria, and what to get a good paying job in Canada. Well if you’re in the country getting a job in Canada is pretty tricky. For one they don’t accept Nigeria’s University certificates, you have to do a master’s or write an additional exam if you’re in the health or I.T sector.

So let’s say you graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsuka Enugu state with a Bachelor of Science in computer science may be first class or second class upper. If you’re applying for a job in Canada through one or more of the ONLINE job application portals in Canada, with only your degree, you won’t get it, simply because you need an internationally recognized certificate in the I.T industry for example CISCO certification for network engineers. Some jobs in indeed and other online job portals in Canada will specify that you can take a look at the list of top online job portals in Canada for foreigners. To begin your application.

How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria
Easily get jobs in Canada from Nigeria

To get successfully get a job in Canada here is what you should have

  • International certification in your area of specialization for professional jobs
  • Be proficient in the English language
  • Be willing to go back to school, as you have to either do your master’s there while working or start afresh and do your undergraduate degree again, this time in Canada.

Be willing to attend additional vocational studies for skilled work. Canada has colleges that can teach you top vocational skills.

If you’re still in Nigeria you can take advantage of the fact that you can still school online in any country of the world while working in Nigeria, after you graduate it will now be a breeze to relocate to Canada, just take a look at the list of cheap courses you can study online and the school that offers it.

Here you have it, don’t forget to read everything on how you can get Jobs in Canada if you are from Nigeria.

Overall it money is your problem you can go the visa sponsorship route, this site has a dedicated visa sponsorship job page where we post visa sponsorship jobs in Canada and the United States, you can check it out at jobs.cheapworth.org

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